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Jessie's travels: Jessie's travels ch.5

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Jessie finally catches a pokemon, and gets his journey started
Jessie softly pressed the button on his pokeball to the Bible's head and the small shark pokemon disappeared into light as it was sucked into the pokeball. The ball shook, once, twice, three times, WILD GIBLE WAS CAUGHT "heck yeah, I caught a gible!" Exclaimed Jessie, he was so happy to have caught an awesome, loyal pokemon, and getting another pokemon soon from prof. Rowan. A few minutes later, the two hear a knocking on their door "I'll be there in a secon , please wait" shouted Jessie's mom as she got up to answer the door "jessie, don't worry about hiding gible, I'm sure rowan will give you a starter anyway" she smiled at jessie before leaving to get the door