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Jasper Alola form (sketches)

by Curtkid

Spooky Jasper (2).jpeg
Curtkid Some sketches I did of my Cubone Jasper as an alola Marowak, which I am very hyped for. Some of them came out pretty good, others not so much....I'll have something better for you guy's later. I'm liking the head cannon that Alola Marowak are Marowak/ Cubone who couldn't rest in piece and came back as ghost...I know it might not be 100% accurate, but it's still a pretty cool concept.

I did my best to try and make Marowak Jasper look a bit more feminine, I kinda want to draw a picture of her being afraid of herself too, 'cause you know she's afraid of ghosts...and now is a ghost too...Embertail seems to like her new form (while also being a bit scared of it along with Curt, she is a ghost after all), Jasper however isn't, entirely enthused.

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