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Jacques Montierre (RP Character)

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 A piece of artwork depicting a character from an upcoming RP: Jacques Montierre. Also a follow up to @YourLittleSylvia 's artwork: https://pokecharms.com/works/sylvia-reviar-in-smash-bros-read-the-description.38910/

Unlike her character Sylvia, Jacques uses threads he creates from his own magical essence mixed with some martial arts. He also uses these threads for his tailoring hobby, and can change the color of his threads, as well as their properties to some degree.

And as a follow-up to this artwork, I suppose it's only fitting I also share what Jacques would be like in Super Smash Bros. With that said:


-Standard Attack Combo: Two kicks, followed by a slashing attack with his threads.
-Standard Attack Flurry Combo: Same two kicks, but then followed by a barrage of smaller thread attacks before a larger one.

-Forward Tilt: A strong thread slash. Can be angled up or down.
-Up Tilt: A thread slash attack that arcs over Jacques.
-Down Tilt: A brief whip strike with threads.

-Neutral Air: Jacques whirls around and lashes out with razor sharp threads.
-Forward Air: A fast whip strike with a cord of tightly woven strings.
-Back Air: A flurry of kicks.
-Down Air: A diving stomp kick with a meteor effect.
-Up Air: A cyclone of cutting threads w/ a windbox effect.

-Side Smash: A much stronger slash attack that can hit twice in a similar fasion to Link's forward smash.
-Up Smash: A cyclone of threads that sends the opponent(s) caught in it flying upwards.
-Down Smash: A thread attack that circles around Jacques's body, though leaves him vulnerable from above while executing it. Leaves a slight opening afterward via cooldown.

-Grab: Jacques launches a cord of sticky thread to latch onto an opponent and drag them in.
-Pummel (attack while grabbing): Jacques repeatedly knees his opponent in the torso.
-Forward Throw: Jacques kicks his opponent away.
-Back Throw: Jacques whips his opponent around and tosses them.
-Up Throw: Jacques whips his opponent into the air.
-Down Throw: The opponent is dragged in before getting an axe kick to the back.

-Standard Special: Thread Shot; Jacques begins charging up and fires a projectile of thread. What that projectile is like depends on the charge time in a similar manner to Robin. It starts as a small, fast, and weak projectile, then evolves to a larger one that's slower but does more damage, one that unravels into a flurry of slashes upon contact, and a torrent of thread that cuts up everything in it's path.
-Side Special: Backlash Weave; Jacques whips his hand in a forward hook and weaves a cloth which resembles a cloak or cape. Spins opponents around on contact, and reflects projectiles.
-Up Special: Woven Wings; Jacques briefly forms a pair of wings on his back with his threads and soars upward for a brief time.
-Down Special: Thread Copy; Jacques does a brief pose in which he puts his hands in his pockets and seems rather lax as his threads whirl around him. If he is attacked during this brief moment, it is revealed the "Jacques" that was attacked was a fake, and the real one counterattacks.

-Final Smash: Coccoon Cutter: Jacques forms a vortex of threads around him, and anyone within it's vicinity is trapped into a coccoon and hoisted above the stage. Then, Jacques whales on them with a series of powerful kicks before shrinking the coccoon and slashing at the opponent(s) inside.

-Standard Taunt: Jacques puts one hand in his pocket and uses the other to flick the brim of his cap upward as he gives a slight chuckle, his threads snapping taut around him.
-Up Taunt: Jacques weaves a small web between his hands as he taunts his enemy, then dispels it.
-Down Taunt: Jacques forms a mannequin and weaves one of five outfits, chosen randomly. Then, the mannequin and outfit vanish.
  1. Gamefreak1996
    I'm glad you like it, Sylvia. Thank you.
    Jul 18, 2018
    Excalibur Queen likes this.
  2. YourLittleSylvia
    Wow! This is very interesting! It's something I honestly didn't think of when I created my world; which is exactly what I'm looking for, since I want people to have fun with doing whatever with their characters, and you did just that with this one! Thank you for this awesome thing!
    Jul 18, 2018
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