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Introvert Jamie

by Prologue-9

Introvert Jamie.png
Prologue-9 (Oi...this did not come out as well as I had hoped.)

Meet Jamie and his Feraligatr, Morty! He's not that great at pokemon battles, didn't really want to become a trainer in the first place - but what are you gonna do when your whole family's known for being exceptional trainers? He doesn't get noticed often - he can be the only other one in a room and chances are you still wouldn't see him. But he likes it that way - no one can expect anything of you if they don't notice you at all.

Morty the Feraligatr
Summer the (Mega) Pidgeot
Rick the Golem
Beth the Arbok
Sammy the Ampharos
and Candi the Jynx

Designed by artist-GJ , here: artist-gj.deviantart.com/art/I…