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Volt's Musical Workshop: Introduction

by AceyPie

AceyPie My first work... Yay! If some of you didn't know well... All of you don't know Volt takes a liking in Music and constantly makes songs about things and shit and I will you this opportunity to make a series were I create songs with the help of my brother (Even though their shite)

Note:School has started for me already so I might not post that often
A multitude of rooms in a single corridor lie almost unopened, throughout the day you open the door to the home and see a girl leaning on a wall near an unlocked door "You made it!" She said with delight and started to walk inside the room "You coming or not, Volt's gonna see us!" The girl shouted and went in, you followed.

The room was a like a workshop for Meloetta, Instruments everywhere pictures of popular Musicians were on the wall beside some pipes with Electricity flowing through them

"Oh my god Volt has a poster signed by MICHAEL JACKSON... Why the heck did he not tell me this, Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't even introduce myself... I'm Peac-" She was interrupted by a sudden Electric Shock "Hi, Why are you here?!?!" An Ampharos revealed itself it looked down onto Peach with an annoyed expression "The door... Was.... Unlocked...." Peach said lying on the floor he hair standing up from the Electric shock
"My bad, I've never forgotten about locking the door, Anyways I don't have time for this Nova and Molly are alone I should go check on them.. You can look through any of my songs just keep out of that box..." The Ampharos pointed to a box ontop a Cabinet and left
"K, Ummm what's your name again? Can you help me up.... I can't move" Peach said paralyzed on the floor "No seriously I can't move!"