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Solandis: Introduction:How Everything Started

by MihajloJedi

MihajloJedi This is first work of series called Solandis, about group of teens trying to help world and fighting evil. Nothing to much, I don't want to spoil you rest of story!
Special thanks to @Jodie.xox and @Clite of Dragonbow for making names of God's and planet.
At beginning of time, there was nothing except two gods named Omnia and Nullus. They were two brothers that existed before time itself. They lived in the eternal darkness, having nothing but each other.

Many, many million years after, both gods were a lot wiser and stronger, and that's the reason why they created the universe. They made a lot of stars and around each one there were few planets. But only one of them was named. That was planet Solandis. Solandis is created last and was the most perfect one of all. Gods decided to make life on Solandis and that is how everything started.

Omnia and Nullus both were looking after the planet every day. While Omnia tried to give every single creature comfortable life, Nullus enjoyed seeing pain, torture, and death.

Few thousand years later, Nullus started doing many horrible things to Solandis and that made Omnia very angry. He locked his brother in the body of one human so he wouldn't make more troubles, but he was wrong. In human appearance, he was able to convince more creatures to follow him and he made great chaos on Solandis. Omnia decided that he needs to stop his brother once and for all, so he turned himself too in human and went to face his brother. He was followed by many good warriors. One day final battle came, where both Omnia and Nullus were heavily wounded and were sent to a special place on Solandis, where their spirits were healing. None of them could escape from that place until people revive them by finding all 7 elemental stones.

Even their gods were gone people kept fighting and at the end, outnumbered good side was defeated and whole Solandis wad enslaved by forces of evil led by Nullus's personal student, an evil king named Deathark.
  1. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    This is going to be interesting, also I'm really thankful for the mention.
    Feb 25, 2019
  2. Jodie.xox
    Pretty good! That’s a cool idea you got there, and thanks for the mention! I think the name you chose is really good for the place!
    Feb 25, 2019
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  3. MihajloJedi