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Poetry Book: Insomniac Predicament

by Belladonna Valkyrie

Belladonna Valkyrie A poem about how insomniacs feel. Or some of them anyway.
I can't dream.
Haven't been able
For awhile now.
When you can't dream,
Well, then what's life mean?

Stuck with sleeplessness
My best friend
Insomnia seems to be.
It's changing how I dress.
Everything is hard to process.

I don't see in color.
Not really anymore.
Everything's black and white.
Life has been much duller
It could be so much fuller.

I can't dream anymore.
Guess I'll sleep when not needed anymore.
Or when I'm dead. Maybe dreams
Will come back through the door
And life won't be such a chore.
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  1. Belladonna Valkyrie
    Belladonna Valkyrie
    Thankies ^-^
    Feb 19, 2016
  2. Necko Neko
    Necko Neko
    You really do good poems. Legit.
    Feb 19, 2016
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