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Incineroar Male and Female Concept

by Curtkid

Inciniroar sketches.jpeg
Curtkid Something I sketched up on a whim. A drawing of a male Incineroar and what I think a female version should look like. I know some people think that such strong visual differences between Pokemon genders wouldn't be apparent to human because, you know, most of the time we can't tell the difference between most animals gender at a first glance. But then again, most animals can't breathe fire or shoot lasers, so I think this is fair game (besides, Pokemon are monsters, not animals, huge difference).

Besides, creating stronger differentiation's between genders for kinds of Pokemon that look strongly masculine or feminine has always been popular, so I figured I give my hand at it. I think it came out alright, a little sloppy in some area's and my anatomy could be a bit better, but I think I could be forgiven for that a little bit considering how some of Inceniroar's own proportions are a little exaggerated (*coughjazzhandscough*). Still, it was fun to take a crack at this. I'm still not sure if I've completely come to terms with its design yet, but I drawing these Incineroars made me like it a bit more.

Pokemon is the copyright of Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company...seriously though, I still stand by the belief that these guys either legitimately changed Incineroar's typing from Fire/Fighting to Fire/Dark at the last minute, or deliberately wanted to screw with their fans by making the Fire starter looks as much like a Fire/Fighting type as possible without being an actual Fire/Fighting type.....