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Poems: 以内力 (Inai Chikara/Power Within)

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan Using my little knowledge of Japanese, a short song with a few Japanese lines in it.
Translations of the Japanese lines are next to them in italic brackets.
I maaay make an extended version of this at some point, when I can actually speak and understand long sentences in Japanese~
Kono sekai no hikari wa zenbu o miru...! (The light this world sees...!)
You let me see it!


The world might not always be bright,
But, for what it’s worth,
It’s always worth seeing the light,
Even when it isn’t there...!

Inai chikara! (Power within!)
I will fight on, day and night,
As long as I stand here,
I know you’ll be there...!

Your power saw mine,
And now you’ll be there no matter what,
Fighting alongside with your power,
Inai chikara...! (Power within...!)