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In the Midnight Glow: In the Midnight Glow: Chapter 1

by Estra

Neph slowly stirred, blinking in confusion. She had no memory of what had happened, or anything of her past, really, except for her name. She didn't even think anything of it when she realized she had become none other than an Umbreon...

She attempted to stand, but when she did, pain shot up her limbs and she collapsed again with a groan. Taking a deep breath and calming her increasingly pounding heartbeat, she carefully examined her surroundings. It suddenly hit her that she was in some sort of large cage, and that there was a sleeping Pidgey right next to her. Hesitantly, she nudged the bird Pokemon, trying to wake it up. To her surprise, it did -- instantly.

"Oi! I was slee... where in the name of Arceus are we?" It squawked in alarm.

"How should I know?" Neph replied irritably. "But either way, we gotta get out of here..." She swore she could hear distant echoes of screams. "And fast."

The Pidgey nodded vigorously in agreement.

"Okay, so, Pidgey. Uh... what's your name? And I'm Neph, by the way." She said, the name just slipping out, but it felt strange on her tongue.

"...Beaky, I'm sad to say... my trainer named me that," he rolled his eyes. "Just call me Feather. Anyway, pleasure to meet you!"

"Same to you. Now... maybe I could just..." Neph closed her eyes in concentration, the rings on her body glowing a bit brighter as she focused her magic on the lock of the cage. It opened with a click, and she mentally fist pumped (ha, funny picture there. An Umbreon fist pumping... they don't even HAVE fists) and nudged the cage door open with her nose. It all seemed to come naturally. She didn't know why or how, but however it worked, she was thankful for it.

Trying to ignore the pain, Neph slunk out of the cage, Feather right at her tail. The room was dark and filled with countless cages all containing up to three Pokemon. She winced at the loud noise and it made it difficult to think, but she tried her best to push it out of her mind.

But loud noise or no, the pitiful cries and wails of Pokemon broke her heart.

"We can't just leave them here," Neph decided, determined to set them free of this prison. "Feather, fly around and unlock as many as you can." She instructed, and as the Pidgey saluted and took off, she turned and ran in the opposite direction to free the Pokemon on the other side of the room.

They managed to unlock at least half of the cages when they both stopped in their tracks, the sounds of approaching footsteps echoing from a corridor somewhere.

"Hide!" She hissed, and without a second thought darted behind a cart just in time as a nearby door suddenly swung open. The other Pokemon, having been there for far longer than herself, had already gotten the best hiding places figured out. But even with good spots to hide, anyone with a brain would notice over half of the cages left hanging open. The person who had entered began shouting in frustration, leaving a perfect opening for Neph to sprint right past her and through the open door.

So she did just that, Feather close behind.

From there on, the building was mostly composed of hallways, some of them dead ends that just lead into a creepy room. The more they tried to navigate the maze of a building, though, the more their spirits fell as they began to lose hope.

"Neph... is there even an exit to this place?" Feather mumbled, tail feathers drooping slightly.

"I don't know," the Umbreon whispered back, sighing. "But... there has to be, right? Maybe we can find a window and break out!" A bit of light had returned to her eyes as she said that.

"That's... actually a really good idea," Feather smiled, and so, the two searched tirelessly through all the rooms. Eventually, finally, they noticed faint moonlight streaming out through an open room. Natural light.

"Yes!" Neph grinned happily, dashing in. It was, indeed, a window, an oh-so-glorious window.

She once again focused her powers, shattering the glass with ease. She peered outside, and, to her relief, it wasn't too far down to the ground. She joyously leapt out, laughing gleefully. Free. She was free.

It hadn't even been all that long that she'd been trapped in the building, but at the moment she felt like she could just spring up and touch the sky.

She jumped the fence surrounding the building with ease, and she bounded into the open field with another laugh. Then she suddenly stopped, expression dead serious as she faced Feather.

"Hey... do you... by any chance... know anything about that place?"

Feather shrugged helplessly, stretching his wings. "Sorry to tell ya, but no. I just kinda... woke up there."

"Can you still... remember memories of your past?" Neph asked next, hesitantly.

"Yeah, for the most part. Everything except for how I even ended up in that place to begin with."

"Oh..." she sighed. "Er, never mind then. I guess this is goodbye. Thanks for... being my friend, even if it was just for a day and we still barely know each other," she laughed.

"Aw, c'mon. We can still hang out with each other. To be honest, I don't even WANT to go back to my trainer, anyway. And where are you gonna go?"

"Good question," Neph murmured thoughtfully, cocking her head to the side. "I... really don't know. I mean, I can't remember anything, really. And it'd be nice to get to know each other. Why not?" She smiled.

"That's more like it," Feather grinned. "I could help you in the Pokemon World, then. Even if I'm just a Pidgey."

"Heh. Sounds good to me, Just a Pidgey," Nephoria said teasingly, turning to face the shining moon as it slowly began to sink in the sky. "Come on! Race you to the nearest tree that just so happens to appear!" She shouted, before bounding off into the horizon.

"Hey! Wait up!" Feather yelled back playfully, frantically flapping his wings to catch up.

And so begins the true story, as they soared on the wings of freedom into the wondrous world of Pokemon...

A/N: *le gasp* it happened! It happened! I actually continued the story! But the real question is...

...can I keep it up?