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Pokémon X Adventures: In the middle 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce has a long journey ahead of him
Last time on Pokémon X Ad-"no no no let's begin HERE!" Fine! "So I heard professor Sycamores lab is here!" Bryce said looking at a lab "professor!" Bryce yelled as he walked in the lab "oh god that trainer just jumped off the freaking top of the the Prisim tower and if it wasn't for the flying fire chicken he would have been D.E.A.D." Professor Sycamore said on his PC "I swear what's up with that trainer tried getting his partner who fell off the Prisim tower?!" Bryce said thinking "just take my Poké and 1 of my Pokémon!" Professor Sycamore said face planting the keyboard (Bryce received a freaking Bulbasaur!) "To the next rou-oh a hair place!" Bryce teleported magically to the hair place "Brown hair!!!!" (Bryce got brown hair instead of the boring old blonde and black!) "now to rou-omg the Pr video place!" 1 whole hour of getting distracted later "now finally to route... Uh 6,8,3,0,1 oh yeah 5!" Bryce said walking out Bryce blew up the route and now it's one said simple walk in the park "yay a freaking town!" Bryce went though the place checking everything out except the giant freaking castle "to the castle!" Bryce went in the castle "the monster has arrived!" A dude said scared "Blah blah blah" Bryce ignored the entire thing "SNORLAX!!!!!!"(translation:"CRUSH THE TOWN!") Bryce looked behind him to see a giant Snorlax "AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bryce ran out the town "good luck!" Bryce left the town for good THE END
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    Anime reference lol
    Dec 12, 2015