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Images of Your Future Self: Images of Your Future Self - Chapter Three

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Introducing three new characters: Peyton, Kim, and Ptobias.
--Chapter Three--
Peyton Richards followed Kim Anderson up the stairs.
Behind the two girls was Ptobias Winston.
"Kiiiim." Peyton said, as the three reached the top of the stairs.
"What are you about to show us?" Ptobias asked, walking with them, his hands in his pockets.
Peyton stared at Ptobias for a moment. "You stole my question."
"I did?"
"Yeah, you did. I was going to ask that, then you did. You thief."
Kim answered Peyton's stolen question before Ptobias could respond.
"Well, my friend and I have been working on this for a while, and it's this pretty cool device."
What does that mean...? Pretty cool device? Peyton thought.
She tilted her head. "Huuuh?"
"Oh," Ptobias said. "That parallel universe in the future thing?"
"That wha...?"
Kim nodded. "Yep! The transporter."
Peyton poked Ptobias's arm. "Hey. Hey. Tell me what this so-called 'transporter' is."
Ptobias poked Peyton back. "Have Kim explain."
"Why ask her? I asked you."
"Ask her because I kinda forgot." Ptobias answered, the same time as Kim said "Because I made it...?" .
"Okaaay. Kim--" Peyton started, only to be cut off by Kim.
"I'll explain when I show you."
"Show me then!"
"I was about to..."
Kim opened the door she was standing in front of, and the others followed as she walked in the room.
The room had a table in the corner, next to a window.
"Watch your step, okay?" Kim said, because some tools had been scattered across the floor.
Peyton picked up a hammer along the way to the table.
Ptobias stepped over a screwdriver, almost stepping on a nail in the process.
Kim was first at the table, probably because she had been in that room many times. She knew where to step to avoid stepping on tools.
Peyton was second to the table, and was holding a few tools she picked up on her way.
Ptobias was last to the table. He had been a bit slower than the girls, but at least he managed not to step on anything.
On the table sat a computer-like device, along with one cellphone-like device.
"Whaaat are those?" Peyton asked, tilting her head again.
"Those, Peyton, are the transporter and the tracker." Kim answered.
"And they're for...?"
"They are for traveling to parallel universes in the future!"
Ptobias picked up the transporter. "So, guess we're using this?"
Kim nodded. "I was thinking you guys would want to."
"Yeaaah, we want to!" Peyton said, the same time as Ptobias said "Oh, we want to".
Kim smiled. "Okay! First, we have to register on the transporter, though..."
"Wait, quick question..." Peyton said.
"Okay. What?"
"Can I take the tools I picked up?"
Kim stared at Peyton for a moment. "Uh, sure. Just don't hurt them..."