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I Sees, I Plays

by Firox

I Sees, I Plays.jpg
Firox Silly idea that came to my mind, when I was waiting for SimCity 4 to load
mine takes so long with 3gb of plugins

The same playful Eevee kit comes back to play again!
this time all 8 Eeveelutions are in the same room, kit trying to decide which one to play with

I know, I realized kind of late, I forgot to color pink the Vee's pawpads
couldn't think of a proper background for this one either

Kit is saying: "which tail should I play with? - maybe my own? or Leafy's? or Firox's? or Jyo's? or Vappy's? or Sylvee? - I knowz!! - All of Them"

(Firox is my foxy Flareon sona - Jyo is my Espeon feline sona)

Most Eeveelutions not too visible (except for cute tail) - visible ones:
Espeon, doing what cats do best, grooming fur, its grooming left paw
Glaceon more than likely playing with a stick or ball on her back
Leafeon interested in something up ahead, maybe food

couldn't think of a background for it - also forgot to color in Eevee's pawpads

I'm sure @The cute flareon will love it
  1. Toast the flareon
    Toast the flareon
    I...love... IT!!!!
    May 3, 2018