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I saw that People can yes make Don't Starve OCs...

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil But I'll never see this one as a OC.
I named it Wally, because...
Is a cool name that start with W?
It can be Wallace too, BUT

We already have a cut character named Wallace!
So... Yeah, I'll not use it.

And... If you don't know, in Don't Starve, every character have special abilities.
Wally ability probably can be like "Don't fear the dark"
And, what that means?

[Explanation Time]
During the night, if you stay on the dark, a night monster will "appear"
Actually not, it does not have a model or body, it's just the dark damaging you.
And, well, it can just kill you with 2 or 3 hits.
(Note: Her name is Charlie, if you want to know her background, the wiki have it all e.e)
[ END ]

And yeah. His ability is that the Charlie can't attack/kill him.
And... if I could make a background about it, maybe he was Charlie brother or anything...
Yeah, that could be cool.

Well, I'll just write that, because I think many guys don't know or played the game.
So, hope you like this.
Now, have fun.
Oh, forget to write:
Drawing this way on the 3DS was pretty hard :p
Just this. e.e.e.e.e.e.e
Have fun.