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I really love the new starters, but...

by julisnivy

lapso 2.png lapso 2 1.png lapso 2 2.png
julisnivy SORRY I HAD TO
anyway, I'll choose Rowlet cause he looks like a butt (?
  1. Sylvious
    That has just ruined my entire life.

    dat butt tho :]
    May 11, 2016
  2. ~Pokelover~
    hehehe so true tho
    May 11, 2016
  3. SparkyLewis949
    Popplio isn't THAT angry though XD
    May 11, 2016
  4. Pikachewbacca
    What an amazing reason to pick a starter. XP

    This edit is very true to be honest.
    May 11, 2016
  5. Adsfiklomnid
    You should've put Skitty's head upside down :p
    May 11, 2016
  6. Popplio
    To be honest i would actually give up Yvetal for that Buizel Seel Poke
    May 11, 2016
  7. Billy Joe
    Billy Joe
    That's actually pretty accurate.
    May 11, 2016
  8. LokaMocha
    This is so true! I can't stop laughing! XD
    May 11, 2016
    julisnivy likes this.
  9. Rovenz
    BOOM! XD
    May 11, 2016
  10. joseph the charizad
    joseph the charizad
    May 11, 2016
  11. Andrewski
    Shouldve put Drilbur's head for Popplio...But other than that this is awesome!
    May 11, 2016
    theshadedmistress likes this.