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I Love Furret

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
I love to use Furret in my Pokemon journey because it's loyal like every other other Pokemon.It's also cute and lovable in which I loved it so much, it became a member of my team. Back than I barley knew how good Furret was and I remembered that one time, someone used Furret as a TM slave and said "Furret will only be useful as a slave, nothing more nothing less." For some reason I got extremely angry with every word replaying in my mind nonstop and every time I heard it I was fuming with rage. I knew Furret had potential as a fighter, so Furret was a member of my team and to make a long story short, Furret made it to the Hall of Fame in my game. I was happy to train Furret strong and I loved every moment of it which is why I loved Furret so much.
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