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by ShinyHunter

Druddigon and Hydreigon hybrid= Hydrudeigon.jpg
ShinyHunter Hello, fellow users.

This is my first ever pokemon sprite and it would be really nice if no one would make fun of it. Thank you

What went into this creation:
1x Magmar sprite
1x Druddigon sprite
1x Hydreigon sprite
1x Blastoise sprite

Thank you a youtuber called MrPokemonPROfessor as he inspired me to do this. He is a great sprite artist and his video that inspired me the most was his lapterra sprite video. So I wrote to him and he told me to start off easy without colour pallettes. I said ok and set off to do this. This sprite took a lot of dedication and it took me a week to make it

Thank you guys
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  1. ShinyHunter
    Mar 5, 2014
  2. Shawn933
    Mar 5, 2014