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Human, Think of Your Choices

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest WARNING! I cannot promise that there will not be any spoilers to any ending of Undertale in the comments or if I accidently slip something into the rest of this description.

So yeah! I finished a Pacsifist route playthrough of Undertale and wow! I love this game to bits. Since everyone seems to have an Undertale OC, why not I create one of my own?

This is Zera- a fallen human. She lived with Toriel for much longer than many others did and adapted the goat mother's lifestyle. After many years of homesickness, Zera left Toriel at age 13 and traveled deeper into the underground to reach her home. Due to her short stature, but fun loving heart, she gained the nickname 'Child' in the underground and rather than calling her a human, she was known as a child. Zera refused to attack any monster that once attacked her, and only had the wits and heart to kill one enemy....

Yes the insignia on Zera's shirt is the one that Toriel has.

  1. Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose
    This is real anime. Perfect. Thanks for sharing. ^_^
    Mar 29, 2016