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Houndoom's Hellish Flames

by PokemonTrainerM

PokemonTrainerM Admin edit: Edit this later with a description. Also, keep the .: :. embellishments for deviantART.
*Pokedex Entries for Houndoom: Gold; If you are burned by the flames that come from it's mouth, the pain never goes away. Platinum; The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever.*

*This story takes place in the lonely little town of Lavander in the Kanto Region at night fall, be warned this is not for younger parties or the faint of heart.*

"Hey, is anyone there?" The girl cried out to the dark, frightened to death of the eerie noises that came from around her. Silently, she cursed herself for staying out so late training her newly evolved Butterfree.

She walked slowly down the sidewalk after getting no response. She jumped at a long howl off in the distance. "D-dammit all! I hate this town!" She whispered violently into the cool night air, wrapping her thin jacket around her tighter. For the middle of Summer, Lavander town some how kept below 70 when the sun set, and by that time everyone had rushed to get inside.

The girl had wondered why and thought of asking while she was staying here currently but decided it wasn't really that important, seeing as most people in this town were odd anyway. Why, just this morning an old man came running up to her and muttered something like "watch out for the Hell Hound! WATCH OUT FOR IT! If you see it turn the other way, do not try to challenge it! You will regret it!" then ran off to tell someone else his oddly chilling advice.

She had just a few more blocks to go before she got to the little hotel she was staying at and decided she would feel more safer if she had her Butterfree out at her side. After all, she had just trained with it and made it twice as strong as it was as a Caterpie. Or, so the foolish trainer had thought.

She now had her beautiful butterfly pokemon by her side and was more confident knowing that if she were to be attacked, she could easily use SleepPowder or Stun Spore to knock out her enimies. The girl was feeling so confident that she started to skip and dance in the streets, laughing as her Butterfree flitted and twirled with her.

The happy duo quickly stopped their foolish dancing as the trainer noticed a black figure obstructing their path. "Oh? What's that?" She said, taking a step closer, but as she did that, the figure lowered it's head and let out a low growl. Startled, the girl jumped back and ordered her Pokemon to use SleepPowder to end the confrontation but soon regretted it.

The black figure lurched forward and rammed the girl's Pokemon to the ground. The clouds moved away from the moon then and the moonlight shone down upon the figure and revealed it to be a Houndoom, standing over her precious Butterfree. But it was no ordinary Houndoom. No, this one was diffrent. The white around its eyes was a furious blood red and its irises were like black abysses, its horns were jagged and uneven and its claws were long like talons. It showed its fangs then, sharp like a sharks' and deadly. Bluish black flames poured from its mouth, threatning to burn her Pokemon that was squirming beneath the massive beast.

The girl quickly paniced and commanded her Pokemon to use Psybeam to knock the beast off of her and fly back up into the air to where he couldn't reach her anymore. Unfortunatly just as the Butterfree became airborn, the Houndoom spewed its Flamethrower at the butterflys' wings and watched it as it plummeted to the ground, writhing in pain.

The trainer screamed as she saw her Pokemon engulfed in flames, she rushed too her pokemon's side and tried in vain to extinguish the fire that was taking her precious pokemon from her. In the end, the trainer witnessed her first pokemon be burned alive, and her herself scarred with burns of her valient effort. She jerked as she saw a movement in the corner of her eye, it was the Houndoom. He was not done. The trainer quickly got to her feet and took off down the street, leaving her still burning comrade on the street. It was no use however, the Houndoom quickly tackled her to the ground and started clawing off her clothing on her back. The girl screeched in pain as talon-like claws tear through her jacket and shirt and met the soft unprotected skin underneath.

The Houndoom then jumped off the girl and landed a couple feet behind her. The trainer slowly rose up, her bloody back facing the hellish beast. A horrible mistake. The beast howled loudly at the moon before burning his mark into the back of the girl's back with his Flamethrower. The girl's screams fell upon deaf ears as the townspeople chose to ignore them, they could do nothing more then listen in horror at the tragic ends of the visitors of Lavender.

The morning after, a couple townsfolk found the girl laying on the street, unmoving and unresponsive but still alive. She was quickly admited to the hospital and sent to urgent care. Her beloved Pokemon however was now just a pile of still burning ashes and was swept up carefully and put in a flame proof container and buried in the town's Pokemon cemetary.

The trainer was still unresponsive to the doctors efforts to communicate and didn't seem to even want to look at the food brought to her. She didn't want to do much of anything so the doctors chose to leave her be, only bothering her to check her burns and injuries of that night, just like the other victims, they were not healing. Sometimes, the workers of the hospital could hear her mumbling to herself, softly as if in a trance; "I'm withering away... I'm dying... I don't want food... or sleep either... I'm withering away... but yet... I'm still in pain... I'm still...burning."

The girl passed away a few months after that and was buried alongside her Pokemon. At night, the howl's of the Demon can still be heard, and even after all the warnings the townspeople give the visitors, their is at least one victim every...single...night.

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