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Home Sweet Home.

by Ambushment

Ambushment My #FlashChallenge
"Land Ho!!!" The Captain Bellows, "we're in Asperita!"

Even though my legs are sore I run as fast I can, with Jason following me, off the boat and to the Board Walk. I see my house right across the street. I jump and cheer with Joy.
"Yes oh yes!, Jason, we're home!!!!" I try to say..

Jason already ran off to his home. Well, no need to stand here all day. I run to my house with excitement, my Haxorus running close behind. I knock on the door with the tune I would always use so my mom knew it was me. In less then 4 seconds she runs to the door and squeezes me as hard as she can. Of course I hug back.

"Ow mom." I say

"Oh honey I missed you SOOO much!!" She cries.

She kisses me all over my face and asks me,
"Did you beat the champion?" She says with a serious face.

"Mom.... I, I did!" I say.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE" She bellows spinning me around. "My son is the champion, my son is the champion!!!" She cheers, "Did Jason beat Iris too?

"Sadly, no." I mumble.

"Well thats okay, He did good making it as far as he did." She says.

"Yea." I reply.

The day goes on and I tell her of my thousands of adventures and battles I had along the way, putting them into such detail as if she was there. She makes the dinner she always used to make, Fresh Macaroni and cinnamon bread. I eat dinner with delight and talk to her about many stories. The night goes on and I grow tired. I get into bed and curl up.

"Good Night my little champ."

"Good night Mom."

Man, its GOOD to be back.
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