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Oneshots~: Home Is Where the Heart Is.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is my entry for this #Flash Challenge.
Basically, it's a quick conversation between Azure, Wally and Norman. Enjoy~!
Home is where the heart is.

"Hey Wally, wait up!!! Don't go!" My hand touched his shoulder, and I felt like a person that was desperate for a friend.

He hesitated for a moment but the green haired lad moved Azure's hand, and was closer to the door of the gym. He sighed. "Azure, my family's looking for me everywhere! I can't wait any longer for your question! I know it's on the tip of your tongue, but you're going to have to tell me later." He sighed again, because there would probably be no next time.

The third person, in the room, or the dad who was supervising these two kids sighed. He'd seen so many goodbye's that he lost count. That was the consequence for moving so very often, and taking a job as a gym leader in Petalburg city. But the man did believe that they would both meet again. "Yes, Azure we'll all meet again one day."

That moment the mechanical door swished open, was the moment I remembered my question. I screamed to the top of my lungs."WAIIIITTT!!!! I REMEMBER NOW~!!!"

Wally stopped dead in his tracks, and Azure and Norman walked outside to catch him.

Wally smiled."Alright Azure, what's the question?"

"In your own words, what do you think home is?"

Wally stood there in shock for a moment and then, Wally smiled, "If you'd thought of this earlier, I wouldn't have been getting calls from everyone... but to tell you the truth I think home is a place where you can spend time with your family and your Pokémon."

I replied almost instantly." So... that's it?"

Wally started coughing, and tried to suppress it as best as he could."Yea~!" He started walking away, and we were waving back at him.

Once he was out of sight, Norman blurted out "What made you ask that?"

I sighed, and felt pity for him."He looks like the type that's been thrown from relative to relative."

I thought I saw Norman flinch."He does?"

I smiled."I'm an observant kid."

Norman rouged through Azure's hair, and sighed.

Azure got annoyed after a while and moved his hand, and said."Hey, don't you want to answer the question too?"

Norman replied with a bit of sarcasm, with his thumb pointing with him."Me?"

"Yea, you. Who else is going to answer the question for me?"

Norman replied almost instantly. "Home's where the heart is."

"Hmmmm, how long does it take for you to walk from home to the gym?"

"30 minutes every day. That's how I'm dedicated to my work."

It was silent for a while, and then I slowly started to walk away.

Norman noticed it after a minuite."Hey, Azure where are you going?"

"Challenging the gym in Rustboro city!"

He waved."Really? Well, have fun!"

I walked out of Petalburg city thinking of Norman's and Wally's words. To think, they both treasured their homes so much, even after moving so far away.

A gush of wind came from the north.

Well, it was true. Home is where the heart is~!!
  1. CloudLine64
    I like it!Very creative!
    Oct 15, 2014
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  2. TrashAI
    Oct 10, 2014
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