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Holy Arceus!

by CombuskenBrazil

PkmnRangerMordekai.png PkmnRangerLuny.png PkmnRangerSarah.png PkmnRangerGarpowl.png KimKalos.png
CombuskenBrazil Yeah, very sorry for ALL this time out...

But, I'm back!... Or not... Heh...

Arceus, let's start with this!!

This is a Pokémon Rangers Squad... or Group, from Kalos.

Yeah, these uniforms are the same from the Pokémon Rangers Trainers from X and Y games, but, that cool fresh guy just don't use the jacket. The first mysterious guy use it as a "cape"... Well!

The First, the mysteeerious man, is Mordekai. (No, not Vincent Valentine)

He's the leader, and... Well, no-one knows his history. So, I can't say nothing.

The two green haired sisters are Luny (the small) and Sarah (the great)

Probably, daughters of an advanced Ranger, but no-one know how they accepted the little girl. (Aliens? Science has gone too far?)

The Fresh cool guy is Garpowl... Wait, Garpowl?? What the lewl is this name?

It's a nickname... (very strange, brr) He came from Johto, to help his parents, who live in Kalos. His parents don't are Rangers, they are just Pokémons Trainers searching about mystery lights around entire Kalos... (Aliens???)

And the last girl is Kim...

I think you know who it is, if not, its an (not so much) old character!

She have a back history, with Hoenn, Team Aqua and a very nice boy, better than Ash, but I will say more about it in the future...

Or not.

If my time let.

LoLoL, giga description again.

Hope you like it!! Now, have fun.
(Any English error, warn me!)

(Did you note that Garpowl use Black Glasses, but have Diver Glasses? Easter Eggs!!)
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