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Heroes of Omni: Heroes of Omni chapter 3: Trickery of the Triple Trix

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Try sying that 10X fast XD welcome to chapter 3, i decided i should do it, im in good mood :)
so have fun with this chapter also,
X1000 dare you guys to try saying the title 10 times fast

no im joking, but if you cn... good for you *High five*
After a while of explanation, Bloom had explained her story, she was a fairy and had just moved here, her enemies the trix , must have followed and then attack her...

Austin: Hmm... Maybe we can help

Bloom: i'd like that, thank you, and I've already seen that you can handle yourselves ... kinda :D

Austin: hey >:(

Anya: *giggles* She's joking

Bloom: yeah, lighten up a bit :p

Ben: *comes in* I see your all acquainted now?

Austin: yeah, we're helping this girl fight some witches

Bloom: Hi, my name is Bloom

Ben: Ben Tennyson, hello.

Bloom: *smiles* Thank you for all your help

Austin: welp, i guess this is gonna be an everyday thing now huh

Anya: Most likely :p

Ben: It's odd, i thought you would just receive the aliens i had when i was your age... but i never saw any of the aliens you have...

Any: So.... you don't know Austin's creatures

Ben: *Shakes head* I've never seen them before

Bloom: *Scoots over to Austin* How did you become that giant yeti anyways?

Austin: I have this *Shows Omnitrix B*

Bloom: Neat.

Austin: Frostbite is cool

Bloom: and adorable in way,

Austin: *Blushes* uh...

Bloom: It has soft fur, and would be adorable if smaller

Austin: oh.... *Now knowing she was talking about the alien instead of himself being frostbite*

Bloom: but anyways we should head out, the trix might try something

Austin: right

Anya: We're ready when you are

Ben: Hmm, I think you three will make a perfect team, just come back when your done

Austin: *Nods and heads out*

Meanwhile at the darker parts of town*

Darcy: Well... this is boring

Stormy: Yeah, i wanna rip those wings right off that puny little fairy!

Icy: Cool it stormy, what we need is a plan... and i think i got one...

*Back with our heroes*

Bloom: Hmm, you guys find anything?

Austin: no, not really

Bloom: We need to speed this up

Austin: Hey! Maybe we can... *Takes out Omnitrix B*

Anya: Umm... maybe you should think about this before...

Austin: Relax blue... now *Scans through watch and stops* Meh, this one looks cool

*Hits omnitrix and turns into red lizard like creature with a huge one yellow eye, also haveing a blue jumpsuit, and jetpack, also having two laser guns*

Austin: Quickdraw! *Looks at self * Whoa... neat, wonder wht this one does *Runs at incredible speed* WAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Bloom: Hey! Wait up!

Anya: hes too fast

Bloom: Not for long, Magic Winx!

*Transforms into her fairy form and gently lifts Anya up, then flies after in pursuit

Anya: Wow, we're flying :)

Bloom: It helps being a fairy sometimes....

They soon find quickdraw racing all about

Bloom: There! *lands*

Icy: there... the trap is set...

Austin: Woah! This is the best... Ive never been so alive before!

Bloom: What should we do

Anya: Austin slow down... its us

Austin: Oh right, cmon slowpokes, you gotta keep up
Bloom: I think hes bit too hyper

Suddenly, the ground they stood on quickly rose with sharp ice spikes, but just missed them

Bloom: They're here!

Icy: Hello Bloom, this is gonna be our final meeting with you,

Bloom: Because were taking you down

Icy: *Fake tone* Oh, im so hurt, for the keeper of the drgon flame.... *Smirks* you have quite the cold shoulder *Sends ice blast but bloom uses fire magic

Austin: Ok.... *Gets pumped up* Maximum effort....

*Races and pulls out lasers and shoots at the trix*

Icy: Time to die you little punk
*Sends an blizzard at quickdraw/Austin

Austin: *Looks at blizzard and as if comically the scene freezes* Crap! did i leave the oven on??? *Scene resumes and he gets blasted with ice being frozen solid*

Bloom: no!
*Throws a fireball hitting icy*

Anya: *Grabs a spare shovel at starts hitting the ice* Cmon, please be ok

Bloom: *Uses magic and melts the ice*

Austin: Thanks you two... I would have become an icecicle by now

Darcy: Vertigo! *Sends a powerful telekenetic blast at the group*

Austin: Ok, time to dance.... and by dance i mean... * Takes off jumpsuit reavealing disco outfit* lets boogie!

The trix try to ttack but quickdraw dances and dodges the attacks*

Bloom And Anya: *Just wtching amazed*

Bloom: Umm... is he... Right in the head?

Anya: ... I dont even know....

Quickdraw: Big Finish! *Strikes a pose and tkes out multiple guns* HERE"S QUICKY!!! BWAHAHAHHHAH! *starts shooting all over the place blasting the trix

Icy: *Gets up* You'll pay for this big time *The three then teleport away

Austin: *Brings guns up to face and sniffs them* Ah, I love the smell of caffine and bullets in the mornin,.. *Changes back*

Anya: That was...
Bloom: ... A thing....

Austin: That... was AWESOME!!!! Whoo! Let's go again!

Bloom and anya just look at each other and sigh

Menwhile in another dimension

???: Hmm... thesekids are supposed heroes?

A girl simular to Anya appears*

Girl: Meh, they don't look that special... I could take them with my eyes closed

???: Easy red... I wish to see more of these kids.. get them to me... they might be just what we need

Red: of course... *smirks* Zetiss...
  1. NerdyNinja
    Thank y9ou gain for all the support, again the theme and credit song, but also, The transformation Bloom has for this story, for those who have seen winx, bloom has tons of transformations, but im starting with the original, also we will see some more action and story unravel in chapter 4 : twisted colors Red and Blue but until then... Cue music and transformation video:

    Mar 19, 2017