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Pokemon High: Here comes Vallery

by King Miles

King Miles Last Time on Pokemon High... Emily the Eevee came to Pokemon High when arriving she got in trouble with a Zorua named Zoey and they have now became friends. Let's see what their up to now
As Emily and Zoey finished their detention and their first two classes they headed out for Lunch. "So,Zoey Why were you running away from that teacher?" Emily asked. "Well I was stealing the Flame Orb I snuck in so I could go to the nurse and sneak out of class,Rookie," Zoey replied back. "You know you could call me by my real name, right?" Said Emily. "I would but I like calling new recruits,Rookie," Zoey Replied back.

When They were approaching the lunch room, they bumped into a Vulpix by accident. "Uhh... Can you maybe watch where your going?" The Vulpix said Rudely. "Hey Leave Her Alone Vallery, She's New Here So yeah why don't you watch where your going!" Zoey said Defending Emily. "Whatever just move out of my way you rebellious Fox," Vallery said as she left from the lunch room. "Who was that?" Emily asked Casually. "That's Vallery just cause Her Parents are Rich and Loaded means that she wants all of us to treat her like royalty," Zoey said As They Left The Room. Emily then stood still as a statue as she saw the most Handsomest Eevee there ever was.

To Be Continued...
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