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Headstrong: Headstrong- Chapter One

by Meta-Play

Meta-Play Here's a Pokemon fanfiction that I've started on Wattpad and I'm copying here. It's pretty discontinued on Wattpad, so I think this is a wise decision.
Follow Ava and her Pokemon- Eclipse the Zoroark, Majesty the Dragonair, Raven the Poochyena, and Selena the Liepard- in a Pokemon journey that allows them to travel over every nook and cranny of the Hoenn region.
November 21-

Dear Diary,

It has officially been three years since Dad disappeared...Things have gotten rougher now that Camron's getting older...Doodles now thinks he practically owns the place, almost turning off all forms of electricity almost every minute.. Even though he's such a pain in the ass, you have to love the little guy, you know?

On happier news, I finally got Raven to master his bite..It wasn't exactly the easiest, because as young as he is and how hard it is for a small fella like him to learn a new move, he can appear a little thick. Despite this, I still continue to tell myself that he's the smartest, little Poochyena I've seen. And quite frankly, he is, so it's not like I'm lying to myself.

Selena seems to be acting lonely...I guess she's still missing Dad's Umbreon. Honestly, I can't blame her, the little one was so charming and thoughtful. I'd rather not dwell on it, and hopefully, Dad'll come back and Selena and Shade can spend time like they used to. Great Arceus, they used to make a great team...

Mom's in the same boat as my feline friend, only she misses Dad more than his Umbreon. She still has pictures of him on her phone and refuses to delete them, even though Mrs. Bethell says that it's best in order to get over him. Mrs. Bethell often tells me that her mourning over my father's disappearance is the reason why she can't go out to get a date. I have to agree with her, though I think the real reason is the fact that she's too busy trying to find out how to do her eyeliner perfectly and which shade of lipstick to use, and it's holding her back. In a recent meeting, Mrs. Bethell told her not to worry about her looks and just be herself, but Mom never listens to advice. I've noticed that she's talking to her Gardevoir more that she used to. I'm guessing that it's just a result of her loneliness and knowing that Rosa's always going to be there for her, even though she has absolutely no experience with what Mom's going through.

I'm feeling the same way, though, as I've started muttering things to Eclipse late at night when everyone else is asleep. He just nods and occasionally grunts, but I know he's listening, and I know he cares. It feels good to know that I always have someone to talk to, even if it isn't a person. The best thing I can tell myself is that there's no use in giving up, because that'll throw everyone's game off.

It's almost time for breakfast, so I better start heading off to help mom cook. Rosa used to be her helper, because theoretically, having an assistant who could use their mind to do things while using their hands to accomplish another task seems helpful, it's a terrible idea in reality. The poor thing can't do two things at once, most likely being an example on how not going out for fresh air for three years is seriously hurting her. I try to tell Mom to let me bring Rosa outside and let her battle something, but she refuses, saying that I'm too irresponsible and I'll probably lose her Pokeball. The nerve some people have, am I right?

Politely signing off,

Your friend, Ava

"Ava? Come on! Hurry up! Food doesn't cook itself!" Ava's mother bellowed. She sighed, setting her diary down on her bed. She hopped off, slouching as she walked downstairs. She saw Rosa, who greeted her with a happy cry, and Ava smiled slightly, before returning her greeting with a, "Good morning, Rosa." Rosa smiled and gestured to the kitchen, trying to tell her to go in there. Ava nodded and slumped inside of the kitchen, seeing her mom impatiently tap her foot while staring at the stove, stirring a pot of what looked like grits.

"Ava, I called you down here twenty minutes ago! Come on, now, we need to fix breakfast for everyone," she grumbled, looking at Ava with a stern and unapproved look. Ava rolled her eyes and nodded, walking toward the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs. She looked over at her mother, hearing her make a growling sound in her own grievance, muttering things under her breath.

"Woo!!! C'mon, Doodles, we're gonna save the woorld!" a voice shouted from outside the kitchen. Ava raised an eyebrow and poked her head out, seeing her little brother, Camron, holding his beloved Joltik in his hand. She couldn't help but notice that Joltik looked scared, but that's probably because the baby spider was afraid of heights. She walked over to him and had to crouch down to reach his height. "Camron, Doodles looks a little scared, don't you think?" she asked, pouting to sound serious, but in her mind, she was just joking around with him. "Ava, you're just jealous that Doodles could kick Eclipse's butt!" he argued. Ava seemed shocked that he knew that, and told him, "So it seems you have been paying attention in your Pokemon school." He nodded, giving a determined smirk. "I'm training hard to become a Pokemon champion! And you wanna know who'll be my best Pokemon?" "Who?" "Doodles!" Camron smiled and ran around the house, holding the poor spider above his head again. She smiled and grabbed a Pokeball, throwing it, and releasing Eclipse.

"Hey, buddy. We're working on breakfast, so it won't be long," she told him, petting his head. He nodded and looked up at her, chattering happily. She smiled and kissed his nose before wandering back into the kitchen. Once she started cracking the eggs and pouring the yolks into a bowl, she turned to her stressed mother, saying in a calm tone, "Hey, mom, after breakfast, would you mind if I went over to Mac's house?" Her mom turned to look at her, and released her stern look. "Sure," she replied, her voice still sounding screechy. "Would you mind if I took Rosa?" "Ava, you know how I feel about her leaving the house." "But Mom, she's practically dying in here! She needs to go out and know what it's like to be a Pokemon again!" "A Pokemon is a creature that, when captured, obeys their trainer's orders." "But you aren't a trainer if you're holding it captive!" Her mom sighed, grabbing the bowl of yolk from her. "You can take her," she said in an angered, soft voice. "But if anything happens to her-" "Of course not, Mom. I know how to take care of a Pokemon." "Take your little brother, too. It's been so long since Doodles has been outside, too." Ava nodded. "Thanks, Mom. I'll go set the table."

After everyone finished eating breakfast, Ava looked at Rosa, and sighed of relief in her head, knowing she would be happy to run free outside for a few hours.

Ava walked up to her mom, and she was handed Rosa's Pokeball. "Take good care of her, Ava," her mother sighed, and Ava nodded. She looked over at Camron. "Hey, Cam. Ready to go see Mac again?" she called out, smirking. "Yuss!" he shouted, looking up at Doodles, who was raised above his head again. Ava smiled and patted her leg, gesturing for Camron to follow. She looked behind her, seeing her mother talking to Rosa, and rolled her eyes, thinking she was lecturing the poor thing. Rosa walked over to them and Ava looked around for her Zoroark. "Uh-Eclipse? We're getting ready to go," she called out. She heard heavy footsteps and turned around, seeing two Gardevoirs. She rolled her eyes playfully. "Come on out, Eclipse, you aren't fooling anyone," she giggled, seeing one of the Gardevoirs turn into a Zoroark. She pet his ear. "You lil trickster," she teased, starting to walk out the door.
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