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Monster of the Week: Haunted

by JadaDoesArt

JadaDoesArt So after reading @Mr.RMA 's latest work I kinda got inspired to write a bit of my own backstory

They glanced at their phone, it had been a few weeks since they had last heard from their cousin. Maybe they just got busy. No news is good news right? Sighing Quinn shook their head slightly and went back to their school work, Randall would contact them eventually right?


Easy does it now.

Quinn carefully attempted to finish up one of their labs for biology when something moved out of the corner of their eye. The young adult quickly turned their head to try and see what had moved, though nothing was there. Groaning they set down the pipette, not wanting to mess up again and start over for the sixth time.

Events like this had been happening more and more often since Randall had gone missing a month ago and Quinn had started to lose sleep over it. They just couldnt shake the feeling that something more was there watching them at times.


‘Come on Quiiiiinnn, just a little bit? Gotta make sure you're still alive riiight?’

Quinn shivered their hand gripping a switch blade in one hand, the tip pressing into a clear spot on their arm. No, I-I dont want to keep doing this… They let out a shakey breath as a dark hand callously grip their own dragging the blade across their skin.

‘We never said it was a choice Quiiiin. We call the shots here now.’

Quinn watches as a thin line of blood wells up on their arm before looking away in disgust. This had to stop happening, but there wasnt anything they knew to do about it.


There was a small knock on the dorm room door and a shuffle of papers as something was slid under the door.

“Umm, hey Quinn here are the notes to Bio today… just wanted to let you know we have a major exam coming up in a few weeks… The teacher said if you dont show up for this one he's going to drop you from the class.”

“Thanks Nick… I owe you… and I'll see if I can make the test I guess.” Quinn responded as they gather up the papers that had been passed to them and added them to the growing pile on their desk. They had a lot of studying to go through, but at the same time they needed to do something about their lack of sleep.

They glance at the clock trying to see if they had time to catch the bus today.

Half past two. That should give them a bit of time to get to the shop. Quinn quickly grabbed their backpack that had been left at the side of the door for far to long and glanced inside it.

Wallet, school lanyard, hat, keys; they shuffled though everything making sure they wouldn't forget anything when their hand brushed against something cold and metallic. Quinn winced realizing what it was but pull the item out anyways. A gun. It wasnt anything really to laugh about but they let out a half hearted laugh when they spotted a familiar wisp of smoke start to curl around their hand. Now isn't the time for this. They blink a few times and shook their head, quickly shoving the gun back to the bottom of the bag. They swung one of the straps over their shoulder and opened the door to their dorm for the first time in almost a week.

Maybe today will be different, Quinn thought to themselves as they locked the door and hurried off to the bus stop. and if not, well…the train of thought trailed off before finishing as another glimpse of smoke curled into sight. Quinn shuttered, there's always that….
  1. PokeStorm
    Dang... That´s dark m8
    May 15, 2019