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Hat Marshadow (A Hat In Time)

by Absol_Chiliarch

Hat In Time Marshadow.png
Absol_Chiliarch It's been awhile since I uploaded some artwork here. I came up with the idea of Marshadow being "Hat Kid" from the "A Hat in Time" game a few weeks ago (I've been obsessed lately. THANKS, VINNY -- Sarcasm, I really don't care XD).

I also decided to test out my skills with digital art. So yeah, I got bored... Hmm... Well, see ya around.

Program Used: Krita x64
Time: About an hour or so... I lost track.
Layer Count: 12 (Including the reference and the base layer -- which was left blank as it was unnecessary to me)
Date of Completion/Upload: Sunday, November 19, 2017 @9:52PM EST