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HarleyRose OC

by HarleyRose

HarleyRose This took about two hours in FireAlpaca, i decided to go and make my OC. Q&A is below
Q: Why is her shirt and necklace rainbow?
A: My favorite pokemon to collect are all the different Eevee Evolutions, So, i thought the best way to represent those Pokemon would give them a rainbow themed outfit! Each color on the necklace is a different type of Eevee evolutions so example Red is Flareon.

Q: Why is her hair that way and color?
A: In real life my hair is red so i went with this color, the hairstyle is highly inspired by Ariel from the little mermaid. So i went with it.

Q: Do you do requests?
A: Yes! i'm happy too! =3

I also have video of me drawing this, but yeah, Enjoy!