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Happy Vee Day

by Firox

2018 - 11 - 21 - Eevee Day.jpg
Firox ]adorable Veez, whats they up to??
* on the very front, an Eevee with a small sized pizza, already nommed a slice and going for another

near the food stand:
Sylveon passing two Eevees and ice cream cone
* one on its back, reaching for it
* another Vee waiting for its cone too, telling Albie "I can't reach"

* next to them, another Vee reaching for its ice cream cone... free ice cream for Eevees, they can't resist, could you?
free ice cream all you can eat

now with the bigger Vee, next to the bench:
* ? tapping Firox's nose "silly Flarey, your not an Eevee!!"

* the other Eevee next to Firox's head is pulling off the Eevee colored beanie, revealing the yellow head tuft
"heeyz!! your not an Eevee, sillyz"

* sitting on the bench watching all eating ice cream cone, doesn't seem to notice that the ice cream is dripping on Firox

* on the far right of the bench, a confused looking Eevee kind of saying "this tail is too big to be an Eevee"

* another adorable Eevee, just resting between Firox's warm cozy fur eating pizza

*being Eevee day, I can't forget about Fiona, the Eevee kit that loves 'pwaying' with other's tail - playing with Firox's once more - must be waiting on Pizza to be baked

--one funny change I did do--
the one near the energy symbol on top
made it the funny Eevee with the big fur covering it's eyes
looks cute... I keep playing as in saying "It needs a fur cut"

the imposter? - well normally I would make Eevee dressed up in the costume of the Eeveelution's day... what about Eevee day? - would be so funny and silly to have an Eevee dressed up as an Eevee on its day, so I figured?
Firox!! The playful funny and silly Flareon, it kind of looks like a very big Eevee.... so, for Vee day:
I hhave Flareon (Firox) dressed up in an Eevee fur dye - the Vee pulling off the beanie? well Firox is trying to keep it on

*giggling* "hey, I want ice cream too..."

that Pink Lucario is my friend's sona, let me used it for art

background idea? - I used a photo I took at the Puyallup Fair for inspiration
(Puyallup WA)
  1. Firox
    That is just in the early morning - those two will be extra busy for sure, I can imagine a super long line of Eevees for the rest of the day
    Nov 26, 2018