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Happy Halloween

by Cybele Erebus

Cybele Erebus This is a short story to get us in a haunting mood of Halloween :)
Get prepared to be scared!
My name is Lily Carpenter...well at least I think that's my name. I need to find out who killed me. There I was in a house, in my old room. Outside that house was a funeral. I saw a girl's face. Her skin was pale, her hair was long and black like a raven's sleek coat. On her death bed, she was wearing a ghastly white dress. I couldn't see myself what so ever. Not in the window, or a mirror. No reflection has showed. Suddenly, someone came into the room, sobbing. Sobbing out the name Elizabeth Carmen. The girl had a resemblance to the one on the death bed. The only difference was the soft lively glow of her skin. Deeply, I felt sympathy, but I needed to find out who was my killer..I got a piece of paper and wrote down:

I need help

The girl was too busy crying into a pillow to notice the pencil writing down the message as well as the paper that landed next to her with a small crinkle of noise. She lifted her head at the small noise and glanced at the small piece of paper. Panic spread across her face, she looked around alert. Her mud brown eyes darted around with a hint of pink from crying. After calming down she called out a hello. I wrote on the piece of paper once again:

Hi, what's your name?

She gasped. I expected her to run or scream. Instead out of my own shock, she wrote back with a shaking hand:

I'm Lizzie Carmen. What do you want?

I smiled kindly at her, even though she could not see me. After all, I was a ghost. I thought for a little while until answering back with:

I need help to find who had killed me

Lizzie's eyes widened when she picks up the paper and drops it. Her hands were shaking badly and her face went pale like the girl on the death bed. They looked almost exactly alike now. Then she let out an ear piercing panicked scream out of rage, confusion, and many other negative feelings she had that day. I close my eyes and I felt my hands uncontrollably jerk side to side and a fast motion I felt but didn't process. When I open my eyes, I'm standing in front of an open window. The window I looked out of to see the girl on the death bed still there and Lizzie Carmen lying dead on the concrete sidewalk. I stared in shock at the body below. Soon after, I felt the need to go to a certain store. It was weird and strange, but I followed it. I floated around the store and a newspaper rack's metal glinted and caught my eye. I got a newspaper when no one was looking and read it. The newspaper said:

Girl Shot By Mother

The mother was inside her room, combing her unruly jet black hair. She was struggling through a hard divorce that separated her two daughters from her husband. Let alone, her daughters lived apart from her with her sister. The female had a gun in possession and was very paranoid. When the door creaked open, she quickly opened her drawer and brought it out. She blindly shot at the person who walked through. That person was Elizabeth Carmen, her daughter. She died in the hospital from blood loss.

That's when I realized that I was Elizabeth Carmen. The girl who died in the hospital. The girl who was shot by her own mother. The girl related to her now dead sister, Lizzie Carmen. The girl who was on the death bed of the funeral. The girl that is now dead, a ghost, a spirit that soon shall be forgotten and perish once more into nothingness.