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Half-Blood Trainers: Half-Blood Trainers - Chapter Two

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Six students are chosen to go to a different Region and start their journeys.
Chapter Two: Annabeth's Point-of-View
Percy and I walked onto the bus together.

I walked to the backseat, and he followed me.
I was going to sit with Piper McLean, and Jason Grace.
Piper was daughter of Aphrodite, the fourth Gym Leader in Kalos.
Jason was son of Jupiter, the Champion of Hoenn.
So if Percy was going to sit with me, he'd have to sit with Jason--without starting a fight.
"Ew, Jason."
"Percy, be nice."
"Why do I have to be nice to him?"
"Because you have to."
He didn't respond for a minute.
I sat in between Percy and Piper, and Jason was sitting next to Piper on the other side.
"So, hoping to get picked?" She asked.
"As always." I answered.
We all talked for a minute, before Percy asked something.
"Hey, where's Leo?"
"He's sitting in the third row, with Calypso." Jason answered. "She's probably not happy about it."
The bus started to move, and we were on our way to Aspertia City.
Everyone gathered at the Gym.
You see, every few months, the school comes to Aspertia, and six students are picked to go on a journey.
Within the two years I've been at the school, I've never been picked.
One question I haven't answered yet: Who picks the students?
Well, the names are picked at random.
The Aspertia City Gym Leader announces the names.
Gym Leader Hestia walked out of the Gym.
Hestia was around thirty-nine years old. She had eyes that were the same shade of dark brown as her hair.
Every time we came here, I saw her smile my way.
Almost as if she knew I wasn't to be picked, I thought, as she and our teacher began talking.
A few minutes later, Hestia pulled out two slips of paper with names from a bowl.
Like The Pokemon Games.
"Okay, our two students going to Johto are..." She looked at the names. "Piper McLean and Jason Grace."
I looked over at Piper, who quickly looked at me. As Hestia picked out two more names, I gave Piper a quick thumbs-up.

"Our students going to Kalos are Leo Valdez and Calypso."
I glanced at Percy, who was obviously trying not to burst out laughing.
"Our final two students, who will be going to Sinnoh, are..." Hestia quickly pulled out another two names.
"Percy Jackson and Bianca di Angelo."
Bianca was standing right behind me, and I looked back at her.
She opened her mouth to speak, looking more nervous than usual.
"But, what if I actually don't want to go on a journey yet?" She asked.
"Then I suppose we'd pick someone else," Hestia answered. "Should we?"

Hestia pulled out a name once more.
"Our final student is Annabeth Chase, who, along with Percy Jackson, will go to Sinnoh. Congratulations, you six."
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