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by Zucchiniii

Zucchiniii Your last challenge in the Auran League is the renown gym leader, AJ Synes!
AJ is one of the most powerful gym leaders known, and has the power of the justice pokemon, Keldeo on his side! In addition to this, he also has the power of the being of space itself, Palkia.
AJ is the fourth Guardian, the Guardian of Spirit!
AJ is the older sibling of Sierra Synes, and the son to Cooper and *****.
AJ's real name is Alexander Jean, but he prefers to go by his initials instead.
If you manage to defeat him, he will reward you with the Pearl Badge and the TM for Scald!
Well, you did it! You've beaten the Auran League! Now its time to go face the elite 4 and-
Wait a second... What is this? An attack?
It seems that your journey isn't quite over yet...
  1. Zucchiniii
    @Tudor21G Haha, don't worry that was intentional! You might find our more about his own backstory later ;)
    Also, yes! I also plan to draw rivals, champion, etc etc, so this is only the beginning!
    Jan 24, 2020
    Tudor21G likes this.
  2. Tudor21G
    Oh, he's a boy. At first glance, I was sure he was a girl...
    And also, I'm actually happy it doesn't end here, I really wanted to see more of your gym leader story, because of the plot and the awesome art!
    Jan 24, 2020
    Zucchiniii likes this.