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Greno's journey in kalos:part-6:sycamore and the starters

by Greno

Greno Who will greno pick as his gen1 starter?
Find out in part 6!!
As greno head's to the lab sycamore wants greno to pick a 2nd starter "alright since I'm a fan of charmander I pick char.." sycamore stops greno from saying charmander"wait but first you'll have battle me" said sycamore "alright" said greno in excited voice " go Bulbasuar" said prof.sycamore "hm..sounds like a job for you flecthling" flecthling agrees "flecth" "flecthling go get Bulbasuar" greno points at Bulbasuar"Bulbasuar use vine whip" Bulbasuar took out his vines and started to smack them "flecthling Dodge them all" flecthling gets to Dodge every vine accept for one"Flecth!!" Flecthling screams in pain "flecthling are you alright" said greno worried "alright flecthling use peck" flecthling use's a powerful peck to Bulbasuar"Bulbasuar" Bulbasuar ends up fainting" return go charmander" sycamore throw's pokeball "char" says charmander"ready froakie" froakie agrees "flecthling come back...go froakie" said greno "charmander use ember"said sycamore to charmander"block it with water gun" froakie aims to charmanders ember and stop's it "alright finis it with water gun now" greno says "froakie!!!..." froakie faints charmander because it's super effective "return go squirtle" says sycamore "still ready for more froakie" froakie agrees"froakie pound now" froakie smacks squirtle "squirtle.."squirtle says in pain "squirtle use bite" said sycamore "Dodge it and use headbutt" froakie Dodge's it and use headbutt and ends up fainting"return squirtle...I guess you beat me here is your charmander" says sycamore scratching his head "and let me heal your pokemon" sycamore healed his pokemon "and in case if you want mega evolution pick one for charmander "I pick mega X" sycamore hands over the mega ring "welp your on your own now greno see ya "hmm..hello charmander and welcome to team ready to go" charmander agrees "LETS GO!!"