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Gold's Jurny: Gold's Final Battle

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young One stormy day Gold climbs his way to fight the strongest trainer ever spoke of in legend, but will he win, lose, or die on his way thier. With the help of his pokemon, and the help of a Moltress gold must reach this trainer ...
One long stormy night in the, climbing the tall stormy mountain side, a trainer appeared. Gold was his name, and he has climbed this mountain from hearing stories of a strong trainer, one that could fase himself in the ultimet battle. Gold has climbed long, and hard to reach the top. On the way he had met a legendary providing light and warmth for him, Moltress. With it's, and all his pokemons help he climbed up. The long and fierce Jerny had lead him here.

Chapter 1
"We're are you, ... Don't hide from me, I am the strongest trainer to ever walk this earth, come battle me."
"..." And with the silence the battle started. The new trainer, almost unrecognize threw out a Pikachu. Gold threw out Lugia. Pikachu ran up lugia's back, and delivered a fierce thunderbolt. Three Secends later Lugia fainted, but all the sudden it began to hail. Pikachu got damaged, and Gold took shelter under the mountains opening. Gold threw out Ho-oh, and made it use Flamethrower, and it was a perfect hit on Pikachu, but that's not what made it faint, it was the hail. Next the trainer threw out the three Kanto starters. With a triple battle starting, Gold threw kept out Ho-oh, and threw out Donaphin, and a Onix. Now for a master plan Gold had taught that Onix, explosion.
After many hits, his Ho-oh fainted, so Gold had to resort to his secret move, "Explosion" he call out. All the pokemon on the field fainted, leaving both trainers with two pokemon left. The mysteries trainer threw out Lapris, and Snorlax, while Gold threw out Typhlosion, and Suicune. After long, and hard Battleing, it was down to just Typhosion, and Lapris, but both trainers had one max restor, and since the battle ended in a tie. They both shook their heads on using it.

Chapter 2
Gold used it on Typhlosion, and the other trainer on Charizard. One final battle for everything, the weather was equally effective on both, and now it was comeing down hard. Both pokemon used Flamethrower, and we're equal in power, it was almost Imposible for any of thier attacks to severely damage the other, until Gold's Typholsion grabbed Charizard, and used eruption. The trainer activated a bracelet, and all the sudden his Charizard turned into a Mega Charizard X. Now they battled for 30 minutes, but with the final move being Typhlosions flame wheel, Typhlosion won with only 1 HP.

Chapter 3
"Yeees, I am the Strongest trainer of two regions" Gold Screamed "Who are you anyways?" The man steped out, and with a fase closely resembling himself, the other man walked away, towards the cliff, and said nothing. It was clear the man was only a year older than himself. Gold walked to the cliff, thier was no foot prints, and no one thier.

  1. Dayton Young
    Dayton Young
    I think I gave a pretty good story of Gold vs ???(Spoilers it's Red), and I added my own ideas in it, just to be creative.
    Jun 14, 2015