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Gold Version Team

by Vito303

tumblr_nqklvcVqiv1uzw5qjo1_540.jpg tumblr_nqkllwaOJY1uzw5qjo1_540.jpg
Vito303 These were part of A prompt, First Version. I first did the cart then decided to add the team, which has been lost for many years now.

Look on Deviantart for Vito303! More Details there.
  1. Vito303
    I might someday honestly. I saved the framework for the cartridge for I could pretty much do any Gameboy or Gameboy color game. Might be fun to draw the team I had for that game as well. It's a large project though, so I'll have to do it at a later date. Thank you for the idea!
    Sep 25, 2015
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  2. Localised
    Nice can ya do pokemon silver next?
    Sep 25, 2015
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