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Gohan vs Superboy

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Gohan vs Superboy
Gohan sat on the roof of Kame House, slightly crying. After the death of his dad, the others had been searching for the Dragon Balls, but some had been rumoured to be destroyed. Suddenly a scream of terror was heard. Gohan looked down to see Videl being attacked to a teenage version of Superman. Gohan soared down and kicked Superboy in the face. “What are you doing here!?!” Gohan screamed. “Superman sent me to destroy every last Saiyan, he doesn’t want anymore of them threatening earth. I’m here to kill one named Gohan.” Superboy replied. The glare on Gohan’s face said it all. “Oh. Heh heh, see ya in hell, dweeb.” Superboy taunted. Gohan growled and shot a Ki Blast, which was avoided and Gohan was punched in the face. Gohan did the same, then kicked Superboy in the chest. Superboy flew up and shot down a laser from his eyes. Gohan stopped it with an energy shield and used the Kamehameha. Superboy was blasted up into the sky, but soared down with a mighty punch. Gohan smashed his fist at Superboy’s as well, creating a shockwave. The process was repeated, then Superboy grabbed Gohan by the arm and spun around. Superboy then tossed Gohan far, far away. Superboy sighed and walked towards the Kame House, but heard a noise. He turned around to see Super Gohan dashing at him, Ki Energy rushing through his body. Gohan began punching and kicking Superboy repeatedly, then sent a Kamehameha at the Krytonian’s chest. Gohan smirked as Superboy landed in the ocean, and thought the battle was over. Far from it, though, and Superboy burst out with a red patch on his arm. Superboy slammed his fists down on the ground, creating an earthquake and making a boulder rise up on Gohan. He was sent flying up, then slammed down by the superfast Superboy. Superboy began punching Gohan, until Gohan stopped a fist, now Super Saiyan 2. Gohan did an uppercut, sending Superboy spiraling up. The Teen Titan, angered, ripped off his patch and relied on his most promising ability. His rage. Superboy and Gohan, now equal in power, began punching and kicking faster than the eye could see. Suddenly, Gohan missed a punch and was sent flying by one single fist. Gohan breathed deeply, now back to his standard form. Superboy began punching his weaker rival, until Gohan was slammed down into the island. Superboy grinned and fired his laser eyes, but it just missed as Gohan teleported. Superboy looked around, angered, than heard a voice. “Hey, Super-Bum! Say hello to my Kame…..” Gohan greeted furiously, now surrounded in a large red aura, his hair bright red and his training GI darker. Gohan was now Super Saiyan God. Superboy tried firing his laser eyes, but they bounced off Gohan. “Hame…..” Gohan continued, his foe panicking as he was about to hear the last words he’d every here. “HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Gohan screamed as he fired, the attack hitting the Superman clone full on. Superboy screamed in agony, the attack slowly vaporizing him. “AAAAHHH!” Superboy screamed as the Kamehameha completely engulfed home, and a large red flash appeared. Gohan flew back down, now in his base form, looking at the one remaining thing of his opponent. His boot. Gohan grinned, then walked back to the Kame House. “That was for you, Dad.”
This fight’s winner is: