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Pokemon OC's: Genderbent Problems

by Formerly Known as Sticks

Formerly Known as Sticks Aeau and Fahren have some... Well, Genderbent problems.
Aeau and Fahren: *Sitting on a couch, watching Rick and Morty*
Aeau: I kinda see why you like this show, but it's not the greatest thing.
Fahren: Whatever. You just don't know what's good.
Afeu: *Swings from a rope into the room* RETURN OF THE GENDERBENTS! NOW WITH MORE GENDERBENTS!
Celcia: *Walks in quietly* Yay.
Vanilla: *Swings from the rope also* Yus!
Gob: *Comes in through the floor* !Ew evah denruer
Aeau and Fahren: Here we go....
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