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Original Characters (OC): Gemsona: Topaz

by vKyoko

vKyoko :o A new opponent has appeared!... Just kidding she's a Crystal Gem, so she'll always save the day :up:

I'm re-watching SU right now, for the third time (HALP), and I truly love this show. It's something I could watch over and over. The characters, the concept, the story, and the art are all so beautiful and well put together by Rebecca Sugar and her team:love::love::love:. I really recommend the show if you haven't watched it (the fandom has a lot of...urmm... how can I say.. a lot of people who are nutty@.@? I'm not sure how to put it, but there is a large portion of SU fans who you can ignore LOL<.>.). I just love the show, and love to create art; So I made an OC :angel: