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Bismuth 2V-1537-fasset 12: "Gem Placement" Entry #5

by DartrixTheIntrovert

As I've said, my gem is placed upon my forehead. Convenient, great place. Blue quartz has her gem placed on her arm, right below the shoulder. Purple Quartz has her gem on the wrist, on the palm side of it, unique and strategic. As my diamond has said, the humans we have found there called, are likely to rebel, so a place where your gem is easy to conceal is good to possibly disguise yourself as a human. Ruby #1 has her gem on her back, Ruby #2 has her gem as the nose, ruby #3 eye, and #4 has her's on her chest. Peridot. Peridot has her's on the back of her right hand. But, she wear's a fingerless glove, over it. In irony, she wear's a full glove on her other hand, with a gem shaped hole cut out wear it would be on her other hand.

During the time of building ships and getting materials for warp pads, and buildings, etc., we found we didn't have many resources here on homeworld. The diamonds had to cut off certain gem traits of some rubies in lower class kindergartens. And then we started getting more runts in our quartz soldiers. And recently, we had to cut off gem traits of peridots. Peridot was ashamed of her lack of powers, and just to make things worse she only received limb enhancements for the legs. Peridot keeps too much inside. She keeps too much to herself.
*that* gay guy likes this.