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The Gellian Region: Gellian 004 - Vipyre - Fire Starter

by TheLordAaroniteGray

TheLordAaroniteGray It was supposed to be based off circular abstract art, since the theme of these starters was abstract. But now it sort of represents gore abstract, or gore art.

004. Vipyre - The Little Snake Pokemon

Type: Fire/Poison
Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Blood Sucker
Height: 1'00"
Gender Ratio: 87.5% Male - 12.5% Female
Evolution Line: Vipyre --Lvl 16-> Lumython --Lvl 36-> Venotom

Topaz Entry: It likes to sneak into peoples houses and burn things. As it is small, it is able to fit through tiny holes to escape.

Russet Entry: They are often cheeky and like to leave burn marks on everything. They live in any sort of confined area.
  1. TheLordAaroniteGray
    Jan 23, 2017
  2. Espeon_aura
    That's a great design. keep up the good work
    Jan 21, 2017