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Games Crossed Over: Games Crossed Over. Chapt.2: Reaching a Agreemnt.

by GhostlyCubone11

GhostlyCubone11 Ok, second chapter! I can do this!
Bendy looked at Inkling. “So...um....what are you...?” He asked, and Inkling looked at him. “I could ask you the same question.” She mumbled under her breath. “What was that!” Bendy asked, and Inkling giggled. “Your funny. I’m an Inkling. That’s also my name.” She said, and Bendy nodded. “I’m Bendy. I’m an ink demon.” He said, trying to seem menacing. Inkling smiled. “That’s a nice name.” She said, and Bendy blushed. “She’s....kinda cute....” He thought. “Wanna be friends?” Inkling asked, and Bendy nodded.
Cuphead looked at Villager. “So, um....my names Cuphead! Whats your name little fella!” He asked, and Villager picked up a stick, writing Villager in the dirt. “Villager huh? Well, your only a kid, so your comin’ with me, I gotta keep you safe!” Cuphead said, and Villager shrugged. “[I guess.]” He said, and Cuphead grinned. “I assume that’s a yes!”
Silver floated above Peridot. “I’m Silver the Hedgehog. Can you tell me your name...?” He asked, and Peridot sighed. “Peridot. Now, why are you bugging me, you floating clod.” She asked. “Well, I need a partner to help me. I need to know how to get home, then you can go.” He said, and the gem nodded. “Ok. I’ll help you. For now...”