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Games Crossed Over: Games Crossed Over. Chapt.1: Transported to a new World.

by GhostlyCubone11

GhostlyCubone11 Okay, first chapter! I did some calculations, and I can do about two chapters a week! But, I might not be able to this week, but I can try!

An unknown person slowly walked down a hall, his footsteps echoing with every step. He came to a room where two others were, one male, one female. “Boss......should we activate it now.....?” The Male said, and the one called Boss nodded. The female pressed a button with a grin. “Now....millions of people will be transported here....all for our control!” She said with a laugh, while the male stayed quiet. “Soon.” The boss said, walking out.
Bendy stirred a bit, opening his eyes and looking up at the clouds above him. “What? I’m....outside....?” He thought, sitting up with a grunt. “Woah....so much color! But....how did I get here, why, and how come I can’t remember?” He said to himself, looking around. He saw movement and noticed someone a couple yards away. “Woah! Another person!” Bendy thought, running over to them. They didnt look human, but they did in some ways. “What...are you....?” He asked, while Inkling looked at him confused.
Cuphead yawned, standing up and stretching. “Hey Mugs....wait, Mugs? Mugman?” He said, looking around. “Huh....” Cuphead thought, walking around. He saw a kid, looking around as well. “Hey, you! You mind tellin’ me Whats goin’ on?” Cuphead yelled, running over. “[I don’t know...and who are you!]” Villager said, and Cuphead tilted his head. “I can’t understand....you must speak another language.” Cuphead said with a sigh, while Villager nodded, only knowing the Animalese language.
“Hehe...what are you, a jellybean or something...?” Silver asked the angry Peridot infront of him. He has woken up, seen Peridot, and was now joking around with her. “I’M NOT A...A....WHATEVER YOU SAID BUT I KNOW ITS AN INSULT!” Peridot yelled, and Silver snickered. “Sorry....sorry.....its just funny....” He said, and the gem growled, trying to attack the floating hedgehog.
“But...one question....” Silver said. “Who are you!?” Peridot and Silver yelled at the same time, and ironically, Bendy, Cuphead, Inkling, and Villager had said that at the same time too.