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Theory Review: Game Theory: Cookie Clicker, The Addicting Game OF DEATH

by Sylvious

Hello! Instead of a review, I made my own theory. Title says all. Heres the question; will COOKIE CLICKER, AN ADDICTING GAME, KILL US ALL?!

Okay, the 99% of you will probably be like "BUT DAT GAME SUKS ACE R U SERIOUS" and I am serious. Im addicted to this clicking game "Cookie Clicker". Seems innocent enough. But we gotta dig deeper into this.

Cookie Clicker is a clicking game that you click on a cookie to get cookies. You can use cookies to buy upgrades and buildings that create... MORE COOKIES. The game goes on about forever until you get N/A cookies that is basically the end of the game, but I doubt you'll get that far. Anyways, the game WANTS YOU to click FOREVER. A popular saying with this game; "Once you start Cookie Clicker, YOU CAN'T STOP." And I got caught in that trap that THE CREATOR planted. No, no, It's not just me. Its MILLIONS of people who got caught in this trap.

Once you get more addicted to this game, you start to forget your daily hobbies, and soon enough, you'll be clicking 24 hours a day.

No. It's not just Cookie Clicker, It's TONS of games. Seriously, look at Candy Crush, one of the top mobile games on the app store. It places a trap and THOUSANDS of people every day get caught inside it!

I imagine. If games get more addicting at this rate, everybody will forget about the most important things in life, such as making money, eating food, and many other things. This is REALLY bad.

Matpat did a video about addicting games. The video was called: Game Theory: Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT. He helped me out by talking about the scientific facts about being addicted. So, theres these. Um.... *watched vid again* Okay, from my notes, theres these things called Dopamine, they trigger when you achieved something, such as beating a boss in a game, or something. :| So, when you start doing something a lot, they remove one of your Dopamine receptors or whatever. Then you need to do that thing more than usual to be as happy as before. Then they remove another one of your Dopamine receptors. And it takes EVEN MORE. Until you have only ONE Dopamine receptors, and you get addicted. If you want more information, go to this link:
Okay, you see what I mean? Okay. What do you think? Is this theory true? Will addicting games kill us all? Bye!
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  1. EspeonTheBest
    Matpat! I love his videos! Theories theories! *starts humming happily because this is totally what I want to do when I grow up. Science!*

    Now, as a science-y person myself, I tend to agree with Matpat that your brain can be manipulated by Candy Crush. However, Cookie Clicker in my opinion is not exactly the same; meaning it won't have the same effect as Candy Crush.

    Cookie Clicker, to my knowledge, is a free to play game without any extra charges for upgrades. As much as clicking the tons of cookies that fall across your screen is entertaining, quite frankly it doesn't give the same level of accomplishment that Candy Crush does when you finally beat a level to advance in the map. In cookie clicker you, tap, upgrade, tap, upgrade and repeat the process. Candy Crush however is a game of chance, luck, and one of two things. Self control so you don't throw your phone at a wall or patience for those who can withstand the staggering amount of times you need to try to beat a level at a certain point. Sure there is an end to the map, but it's an ever-evolving game. More levels come out on a regular basis. More challenge for the players and more money that King is pulling in from all the unlimited lives their players are buying. Cookie Clicker lacks that sense of accomplishment until you beat the game; where you have nothing left to do afterwards. It may be addicting, but I highly doubt that your Dompamine is reacting to Cookie Clicker as severely it would react to Candy Crush.

    But that's my opinion. ^.^
    Jan 29, 2016
  2. Sylvious
    @_Umbreon_ Your dopamine receptor's DO get messed up by Cookie Clicker. Yes, it starts by your brain (Or you) being bored. But you get addicted to it, exactly like Matpat was talking about.

    If you are more of a science person than me, then tell me that I'm wrong. But from my notes, It is true. Cookie Clicker is similar to Candy Crush; They are both addicting games. I may be wrong, but I'm also right.
    Jan 29, 2016
  3. _Umbreon_
    I, pretty sure dopamine receptors don't get messed up by cookie clicker. Its just your brain being bored and wanting to do something.
    Jan 18, 2016