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Gale the Scyther (Gijinka)

by FusionBolt27

Gale the Scyther.jpg
FusionBolt27 "I'm not too sure of what's happening here, or why everything I used to know is different, but I have a code of conduct that says not to trust shady guys with long hair who preach messages of liberation. So, count me as part of X's faction."
Species: Scyther (Bug / Flying type)
Nature: Jolly
Formerly a wild Scyther that carried an Eviolite around as a held item, Gale woke up one day to find he had been given a human body, through unknown means. Not too long after, Gale found himself dragged into a conflict between the Legendary Xerneas, calling herself X, and a mysterious shadow person driven to give all Pokémon his own brand of 'freedom'. Despite his confusion and questions, Gale has become a somewhat reluctant hero fighting against this Shadow Man's forces and working with X to let all gijinkas live peacefully.
Overall, Gale's a pretty chill dude through and through. Even when disoriented or confused, he always strives to keep a cool head and focus on the important things of a situation. He seems pretty lazy, but he's actually a hard worker when he cares enough about something enough. His daily activities tend to lie on the extremes of activity: he's usually either in the midst of a fight, practicing his high-speed attacks, or taking a rest in a field somewhere. Don't ask where he got it from (he doesn't remember), but Gale also carries around an Eviolite with him that raises his endurance to higher levels than normal. He may look harmless, but don't judge him by his jolly nature. Gale loves fighting; and against a powerful opponent, he unleashes a relentless barrage of stabs and cuts with Double Team and Fury Cutter, slicing away at an opponent until nothing's left.
Moveset: Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Double Team
Likes: fellow Bug-type Pokémon, swords, any fresh fruit or vegetables- he'll eat them, battling other Pokémon, making sly jokes in conversations
Dislikes: Rock types, Sneaky pebbles (stealth rock), people who take advantage of others, waking up early
  1. HydreigonBorn37
    Thanks for the insight on how to write his Part!
    Jan 17, 2017