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fusion dump

by Aaronimations

bug 1.png dark 1.png dragon 1.png electric 1.png fighting 1.png fire 1.png flying 1.png ghost 1.png normal 1.png poison 1.png PSYCHIC 1.png rock 1.png steal 1.png water 1.png fusion 1.png fusion 11.png fusion 1.png fusion 1.png fusion 1.png
Aaronimations the first 14 are fusions of two okemon fromsometypes nd the rest are two pokemon fused fromeach generation execept 6th his took 3 days total to make
  1. Aaronimations
    Oct 6, 2016
  2. Riverrunner
    Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Pokémon stronger.
    Oct 6, 2016