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Full Pokemon

by Irischroma

cheesecake chespin.png pizza torchic.png Pizza Buneary.png
Irischroma Im in a skype chat with some really close friends, and one of them likes mudkips.

One of the pieces of SPMD art has a Mudkip shown with a full tummy, and we all wanted one too with our favorite foods with our fav pokemon. ( Real food just made it look funnier to us, idk)
  1. JayGod365
    me every day
    Feb 21, 2019
  2. E.K.A.N.S.
    The fact that you put real food in there has me on the floor! XD
    No pun intended!
    I'm FULL of giggles now! XD
    Pun definitely intended!

    You may not trade art but do you trade laughs? You made me laugh with the food, so I'll make you laugh with my puns. If the answer is no and I failed, just send me a box of crickets. I'm a snake so I find them delicious ;3
    Aug 12, 2018
    Iris-sempi likes this.
  3. AngryBirdKid
    I can put a pizza on my torchic and it's full? Genius! now it will shut up
    Jan 20, 2016
  4. Localised
    i like the chespin 1 :D
    Sep 22, 2015
  5. Kimaka