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Full moon sound

by littenlover18

littenlover18 This really has no meaning its just a dumb story im currently writing

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I am kirsty. I didn't want to have the life I have. My fate was written upsidedown. It must of been... Life could never be as weird by its self. Could it? If you still don't have a clue what I'm going on about then take a look at this fact file about me:

Name: Kirsty
Age: 13
Health: avarage
Siblings: yes✔ no. amount: over 100
Raised by: WOLVES


Speeding incessantly I ran towards it. My arms feeling the wind and so did my legs. I leapt. Grabbed it. Gone. I had been chasing this thing for 58 minutes now but yet no sweat was dripping down me.
"OW!" That was the sound I made when a thorn brushed against me. I ran into a bush just like the pesky critter. I fell over got back up but as soon as I'd done so I saw this girl running right towards me! BANG!!


"Hello? Are you awake?" Whispered a voice "hello?" I sat up
"W-w-what? Where am I?" My eyes adjusted and I saw the girl.
"Oh dear, hello miss, didn't see you. SORRY!"
She looked at me I don't know why suddenly she exclaimed "sorry to be a bother but...how come you have no shoes?"
"S-show-eds? Shose? Sh-sh-," she clasped my arm
"Ugh come with me" she rolled her eyes but she smiled all the same.

green paper

We went shopping and I got some clothes and some wired things that she called shoes. She paid for it with green paper. I asked her what it was and where its from
"Its called money and I don't think you'd wanna know what its made out of," she explained I tilted my head and she shook hers and I shrugged my shoulders. We raced to the ca-Faye and I had a moon shape biscuit and a container with tea. I guzzled my tea and munched my biscuit then the girl said
"Right time to go to my house ur... Sorry but what's your name?"
"Oh my name is kirsty. Yours?
"Lisa." She told me.


KLUNK went Lisa's door when she turned the key
"Welcome to my humble abode." She exclaimed. It was beautiful too it had a pink puffy sofa and and a lamp as bright as the moon with a beautiful, beautiful balcony perfectly displaying the night sky.
"I...I...I...I love it its amazing." I told her
"Aww well aren't you just the sweetest," she smiled at me and stared at me
"Right, a little help here?" I stared at her plainly at her until she said "please?" And stared at the bags
"Oh, right." I replied and tugged the bag up on to the table
"Now you, hold on to these and follow me." She said as she shoved my new clothes into my arms and she skipped off to her bed room
"I will put these on my bed and leave you to it!" And with that she ran off
"Got it, I think..." I called after her. So I got changed and half way through doing so lisa shouted to her
"When you're done shout me and you can have a shower OK?"