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Full Forms: Full Forms: Ch. 10

by obey_jaidon

Everyone was stating about their powers, but we had to go. The faster and quicker we go, the better chance we get to the Ol' Hag.
"Alright guys," I started, "We gotta hit the road now, or the Ol' Hag will be harder to find."
"Your right. Let's pack, and head out. Everyone will meet each other in the backyard, near the pond next to the marble statue." William stated.
"The butlers n' stuff aren't gonna let you go to London with a bunch of other kids. What are you gonna do about that, pretty boy?" Blaze questioned.
"It's okay, I know what to do. Now go." William ordered, and headed out of the room.

I followed, and so did the rest. Knowing William, he'd probably grab a couple thousand pounds for the trip. Everyone headed to their rooms, to grab their belongings. My satchel was all that mattered to me. It had everything I needed. The others, I don't know what they'll bring; as long as it wasn't that much.

We soon met up at the marble statue, formed to be a man on a horse, riding swiftly. It had a little plaque, carved the words, "IN MEMORY OF HARRY DEREK & ALICE OPAL; GREAT FRIENDS AND PARENTS; NEVER FORGOTTEN."
"For his parents. Did he tell us to meet us here on purpose, instead of the other statues? Or probably just a coincidence?" I thought.

The others were running towards the statue. Lily had Steven, along with a worn out satchel. Ruby had a pink purse, with white edges, kind of similar to her dress. Blaze didn't carry anything, but he did have a little candy bar, half eaten.

"I'm guessing William's still gathering his stuff." I thought.
"Hey, Jes!" Ruby called out, running out of breath. "Nice statue."
"Take a closer look at the plank. You might want to see it." I suggested.
The three looked at the stone plank.
"So. This belongs to William's parents. What type of mineral is it?" Blaze asked.
"It's not a mineral, dimwit. Marble, it's a type of metamorphic rock, I believe." Ruby corrected.
"Alice and Harry were his parents. I heard about them." Lily stated.
"From where?" I questioned.
"Well, remember I was the one to go fetch the newspapers and mail for the orphanage?; well, that's how I got updated and such on basically everything. The couple had their own articles on helping out the area, since they were filthy rich. But when I read them, a son was never mentioned."

"William's a fourteen year old spoiled brat. Not an adult that helps the community." Blaze said.
"Or he just wasn't really included, Einstein." Lily snapped.
William came running towards us.
"There's Mr. Prince Charming now. How about you ask 'em?" Blaze recommended sarcastically.
"I guess I will." Ruby replied.
"It's best not to. We shouldn't really indicate that we were talking about his personal life." I said.

"So. Shall we be going?" William asked.
"Wait a second, pretty boy." Blaze started, "why, out of all the statues, you choose this one to meet up in?"
"Did he even listen to what I just said?!" I thought furiously.
William looked surprised, as if he was put into a new situation. Ruby and Lily gave Blaze the death stare, like someone reminded the teacher about homework.

"I always come to this statue. I just felt like this would be my last goodbye for a while. I bet if this was your only memory of your parents or a loved one, you would do the same. But only if you cared." William answered.

This shot Blaze in the heart.
"What makes you out of all people think that I didn't give a damn about my parents?! Your lucky your spoiled little soul actually met and spent time with your parents! I never even get to meet 'em! So, if I were you, I'd think about it twice if you don't want to end up almost down in the dump, where I believe you should actually belong!"

Then there was the silence again. Really, Ruby looked embarrassed, and I wasn't expecting that.

"Was that a threat?" William asked.
"Your damn right that was a threat, your highness! What are you gonna do?! Throw money air planes with sharp points at me?!" Blaze snapped.
"You better keep your mouth shut this whole trip, because you don't really know what I'm capable of!" William snapped back.
"Wow. Your money isn't the only thing that your capable of? Dang." Blaze crossed his arms.
"That's it!" William tackled Blaze on the floor, and turned into a gargoyle.
"You should've payed attention!" then Blaze turned into the dragon.
The two slashed their claws on each other, Blaze breathed fire on him, and William tackled him again.

"Well, we better get used to this."~
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