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Free Lives: FRIEND

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon Ushio has went ill. Her friends and family are trying to help her.

Who is behind all this?

I was just about 8 years old when I received this illness...

My mother and aunt were desperate to cure me.

But there was nothing they could do...
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  1. Pikachucat
    find the cure
    Feb 22, 2015
  2. SmolLimon

    I am unable to write anymore because you know, SCHOOL.

    I will let my buddies do it for me unless I have more time to do it.
    Jan 10, 2015
  3. Special Kumo
    Special Kumo
    This is wonderful i wish I was great just like you
    Jan 10, 2015
  4. Rollui
    Great i love how it moves in time intill she is 8 XD
    Jan 9, 2015