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Toradora! A different path: Flashback

by J62

J62 Ryuuji almost gets killed because of a love letter
*a few days ago*
“Give me that bag"! Taiga wailed as she pulled on the light blue body bag she and ryuuji were fighting over. “No you give me the bag, this is mine"! Ryuuji screams.
* Taiga finally releases and runs out of the room*
"What was that about“? Ryuuji mumbles.
* 1 hour later at ryuuji's house*
“I wonder why taiga was after my bag, I'd better check it out”. Ryuuji whispers to himself.
* as ryuuji opens the bag he notices that it wasn't his bag after all and their was a letter inside*
I wonder what's in this? Huh? Empty. Ryuuji mumbles.
* ryuuji suddenly gets pounced on by taiga that entered through his open window*
“What are you doing now"!??! Ryuugi shouts.
“I must eliminate you for you saw that letter". Taiga coughs out. “No stop! It was empty"! Ryuuji screams.

( I'm a bit lazy today so I'll continue tomorrow)